^.^;; ohoho … cavy ramblings

“I’m a cute guinea pig”
You probably like people deep inside, you’re only a little afraid to show it. You like saving and hiding things that you know will come in handy later. You are very organized and hate mess. To exercise is a thing you like, it’s fun and it’s keeping you in shape. You like warm clothes and do not like the winter too much.
(quiz results from starry-eyed.org)

^_^; Yeah … I took that test about fifteen times… Well she shouldn’t have put a guinea pig on the front of the test. ^.~; That thing is a bit messed up, anyway. I got snake once. O_o I put only one of the answers it takes to get snake. *shrugs* Ah well.

Anyway, I don’t like exercising, much. And the only reason I like warm clothes is ’cause I can’t stand the cold. If it were warm I’d prefer cool clothes. Uhh … does anyone prefer warm clothes in warm weather?

*cavy lover rantings* Guinea pigs are afraid of people only if they weren’t handled at an early age. True, they’re rather skittish, but wouldn’t you be if you were their size?

And that food remark is awful. If the person was talking about food sold in pet stores, then it’s true, but I don’t know that that stuff is crunchy. When I hear crunchy, I think of carrots and celery, which guinea pigs can’t keep in their cage for a long time, ’cause it spoils.

The last straw: running in a wheel. *boils* Guinea pigs don’t run on those wheels! They can’t even fit in the biggest ones! (believe me, I measured ^.^;). *goes on the forever cavy rant* Guinea pigs aren’t rodents! They don’t have tails (or visible, protruding ones at least), their ears don’t stick up and back, they’re born with fur and with their eyes open, which all other rodents don’t do, and lastly their skeletal structure resembles elephants’ skeletons, just in miniature. ^_^ Same goes for capybaras.