permit test

I went with Mommy yesterday to the DMV and found I need both parents’ signatures on the form, so I went back today and failed the test. ^_^;;; I got ten wrong, and the most you can get wrong is either seven or eight. But AM2 got four wrong when she tested herself.

I didn’t understand what the questions were asking. When they asked what to do while driving with trams/streetcars, instead of putting “Never turn in front of them,” I put “Remember they are loud and slow like freight cars. ^.^;;; When I ask myself what I thought I was answering, I can’t remember. I think … maybe I thought they meant like I could always see them … I dunno.

It’s weird, I knew (and still know) I’m going to fail my driving test the first time (Mommy and Daddy passed their first time), but I never really thought I’d fail the permit test. I kinda expected it, but didn’t think it would happen.