WMP; bog garden; owie poem

Hmm, I’m thinking of downloading Windows Media Player, to make mp3s. ^.^ And maybe it won’t mess up RCTycoon while I’m playing both. But I don’t know that yet.

Mommy’s digging in the garden, to make the bog garden by the pond, and she found a brick. O_o

“What would a brick be doing there? Who would put it there?”
I said, “Maybe it was left there before the construction and it got buried.”
“Oh, maybe.”

I was helping excavating it, and now my arms hurt, owwies.

That reminds me of that poem, “I got an owie. And howie!” Err, something like that. *runs off to find the book* Yeah.

I fell down, God — and got an owie!
The cat said, “Meowie!
Such a bad owie!”
The dog said, “Bow-wowie!
Just look at that owie!”
“Daddy!” I cried, “I got an owie!”
He said, “And howie!”