The Rugrats all growed up

I watched the special last night. I agonized through Fairly Oddparents. What happened anyway? ^_^;; It’s playing again tonight. I wish I could get over my problem and start taping stuff again. Maybe they’ll sell the special commercially, and I’ll buy it.

I thought it was so cool!! Emica, part of the plot, was weird, I think, but then again, so are most trends and all them doodads. At first it was so strange, I couldn’t get used to it, and kept laughing/smiling during the first ten minutes or so of their growed up appearance. They won’t embellish more on this, I assume. It’d beat the whole idea of the show, babies. Even though growing up ten years is cool and kinda expected, it won’t become the center of the show. And that last thought was directed toward me. ^.^;;; I keep telling myself that, but it doesn’t really work.

Angelica: She seemed herself, but the end was a turnaround. Maybe she’s maturing. But then again, at the concert she was herself. :b

Tommy: I don’t really believe he’d do that, but then again, maybe he’s also being a regular kid. He’s still Tommy through and through. ^u^

Chuckie: A little different, I guess. But still the same.

Phil: Hm, I like how he was the “remember when” person. I didn’t know he was that kind of guy. But someone had to do it, I guess.

Lil: Herself

Susie: HA haha, I love Susie growed up. She’s so cool. But that part where she was babysitting Tommy, I didn’t think she’d be the kind of person to sit in front of the TV and eat from the fridge. At least she wasn’t on the phone. But all her friends were at the concert, so I don’t know. Or maybe Tommy said he wanted to be alone … don’t know.

Dil: Wow, he’s so weird. I guess Baby Dil didn’t have much of a normal personality, so they could do whatever they wanted to him to fit the plot.

Kimi: Didn’t show much of her. Why not? I guess you could say she fit her mold.

Parents: I don’t know, the same. ^_^; Still use Lipshitz. blech, however his name is spelled. Drew and Cynthia weren’t showed much. Betty was her pushover self. Chaz was kinda not shown, I guess he’s the same. Why didn’t they show the rest?

Spike: Wahhhh!!! Spike’s old and fat and gray!!! I could hurt Tommy for making him suffer like that. All that bacon. *shudder*

Someone (forgot who) said there’s a possibility for a 25th anniversary thing … O.o I don’t really believe that. Somehow, I don’t think Rugrats will last that long. I don’t know why, and I hope I’m wrong, I hope it goes on just like it is and becomes a legend, or something, but even so…

Well, still babies after all these years!