update on Jayjo, second to last one ever

J.T.’s dying. Mommy said he’ll be dead in the next day or so. At least he gets to go with a clean cage, ne?

He’s not eating, and he’s slobbering. Mommy said he “has the slobbers.” She said it means his molars are growing out, or something, and he can’t chew his food. This is the first pig we aren’t at least trying to force-feed baby food. Does that mirror our feelings toward guinea pigs?

I fed the pigs (sans Jayjo) a little while ago. J.T. made a really weird slobber sound. I petted him, and he felt sticky, or something. Sickly, duh. He has his nose stuck in the corner of the cage. :(

I consider Jayjo one of the original pigs. I mean, he used to share a cage with Wilbee, who was an original. Girl Girl is kinda iffy, in-between. She was related to Root Beer, we think. Funny, I don’t think of Electricity as an original piggy. When I say original, I don’t mean the first three (four, if I count Kiki, six if I count Mama’s and A’s pigs), but just that whole group of pigs. Mommy probably means only the first three and the Stimpy pigs. *shrugs* Owell.

Mommy said I don’t have to see him dead. I thik it’d be too sad to see the “kangaroo pig” dead and old and helpless. ^_^;; It’s sad even now, remembering how he’d hop out of his cage, even with all the latches and everything, and roam around the room. Even hopping in the girls’ cage. ^.^