Count of Monte Cristo

We (Mommy, N, and I) went to see Count of Monte Cristo. I don’t understand why that one person said it was the most predictable movie she’s seen. I rather liked it. :b I really liked it. I saw the person who played Albus Dumbledore in there. Heehee. Yes, I like him better in this movie.

Mommy said this movie didn’t follow the book, that the book was very long and involved. She said … *spoiler* … that the guy wasn’t his son, that he and that lady don’t get back together again, but he is very generous with his money … *end spoiler* … the person who played the son interested me, in sorts. ^.~ I don’t know his name, though. I missed a part of the credits, or didn’t know his role’s name correctly. *shrugs* No biggie.