piggie Pet Psychic

On the Pet Psychic, Sonya Fitzpatrick talked to a guinea pig named Pookie!! (Not exactly sure of the spelling, but eh.) *dances around the room* It was a sheltie, too! And albino. The piggie had a clip in her hair. ^_^ And she said she liked it. kawaiiii!

She also talked about how she wishes she could sleep with her owner for the whole night (the lady told her it wasn’t very safe, with the rolling and all); the other guinea pig (Bobby, who didn’t come) who would have liked going there (the owner said he’s too frisky); and the room the owner made all for the pigs. A blue room.

O_O See??? We’re not weird! She made a whole room for only two pigs, and we adjusted a room for eight pigs! Then seven, then six, then five, then four … then the room was given to Hidek. :( Wasn’t that sooo coool! Waiii! piggy piggy piggy piggy piggy! I wanna take all three of my piggies there. :b