discussion of Janie books/movie, Anne

Hey, look, the 200th entry. :b *is still miffed, but has something entirely different from the other entry*

I forget what I wanted to say. O.o Something about the Janie books. Augh! I completely forgot! Something about the first two. The third can kick the bucket. ^_^;; I’m kidding, kinda … I mean … (spoilers) It was nice when Janie made family (heh, like make friends, get it?) with Jodie and Brian (Brendan is stupid), then later her New Jersey Mom and Dad and even Stephen (Brendan is still stupid).

But somehow the books aren’t like the other two. I don’t want to say things that sound like a critic … but still, I suppose the first was about Janie finding out (almost) everything about her past, the second about her finding out about her New Jersey family, and the third about her finding out about herself, and about her and Reeve, and about Reeve. But somehow the third isn’t as internal as the others are. I suppose I mean personal, but I like the feeling of internal better. ^_^

Recently I saw the entire movie, and of course thought about how much it stunk, but then I reread the books, and figured those two books aren’t very easy things to turn into a movie, which is all visual and almost nothing mental. Hmm, radio has an advantage against TV and movies, no stupid corny older-self-talking-about-younger-self voiceovers. Firstly, the actor playing Janie didn’t have wild, curly, red-gold hair, which was about half of Janie. ^_~ And Reeve stunk. He’s like … a wimp. ^,^ I don’t know. He isn’t, really. He’s just much less lackluster without the Janie confessing to Reeve scenes.

This kinda reminds me of the Anne books and movies. >.< *can’t believe the stupidity of the movies* I’ve forgotten the differences between the first movie and book, and haven’t seen the second movie, but I know that in the third movie Anne goes to the battlefield in WWI, I forget why, but the whole movie was completely made up out of stupid air.

World War I happened in the eighth book. How does one go from shooting a third movie in a series, and skipping five whole books??? Neither Anne nor Gilbert saw bloody war. Although it lived in their house through newspaper and other reports. *still can’t believe who died in the eighth book, although she expected someone to die*

Another thing, the Face on the Milk Carton movie changed Jodie into a younger sibling. Much younger. Like middle school younger. That’s not allowed! Jodie’s supposed to be the one expecting an automatic sister and best friend, not someone who couldn’t even remotely hurt Janie by pairing up with Stephen instead. Okay, that is extremely not understandable. O.o *shrugs*

Stephen also isn’t supposed to be so good-looking. :b He’s supposed to be someone lanky with big feet which everyone hopes he’ll grow into some day. Also, I somehow felt that the mothers would have been better switched, although I think maybe I’ve been reading the words wrong. But isn’t Mrs. Spring supposed to be more homey, and motherly, housewife, and kind of dowdy? Mrs. Johnson is supposed to be motherly, but with a flair. Hey, like my friend’s mom. O_O *never realized that before* They both go out and do things for the school, although Mrs. Johnson does much more volunteer stuff away from the school, too, and both are rather sociable in that rather perfect way. Mrs. Johnson spends more time on her clothes, though. Not that my friend’s mom dresses badly. O.o She’s just a mother of two kids. And they both cook home meals where everyone eats dinner at the same time. Mrs. Johnson has a more HGTV house though.

*is now finished*