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Wheee, my laptop came today. :D It’s heavy. T-T And the case is heavy too. O.? Umm, Hidek turned it on. ¬_¬ And I don’t want to turn it off, cause … well, I’m not at the main screen, it’s a screen saying I have to read … stuff, and then press any key on the keyboard to say I’ve read it, and I don’t want to read it, so I don’t want to press keys on the keyboard either. And I don’t want to just turn it off because … I think that would be bad? ^_^;;

Um, did I ever say? I finished reading Lirael. Last Wednesday. ;_; Are authors allowed to do that? Make a whole long really good and juicy book, then make it “to be continued”??? Hmm, I don’t really mind, since it just means more goodness from Garth Nix, but still … when is Abhorsen coming out? :( *checks Amazon* “This item will be published in January 2003.” Wahhh!!! *sniffles* How will I live?

Oyeah, Hidek, Mama, and I went to Super Crown on Sunday, and the new ownership really really really … stinks. There were two shelves of sci-fi (two Star Wars books O_O) and the Young Adult and “chapter books” were still stuck together. >_< Seriously, does this tell me I’m supposed to move on from Young Adult? grar. They didn’t have Caroline B. Cooney, either.

So we went to Barnes & Noble, at the mall, and they didn’t have For All Time either. ;_; But I bought Episode Zero, Chobits 1, Crown Duel (double book version *dances*), and Witch Child. Born Blue still isn’t in paperback. *ponders* So, I read Episode Zero, and spent last night reading Chobits, then had a really weird dream that I don’t really remember. ^_^;

And Simpsons is in Spanish again. O.o What’s going on?

1:24 Mommy isn’t home yet. Wow, the laptop’s been on for quite a while …