bad day in health news

This is horrible [something about madcow in Canada?], because anyone dying is bad news. It was a horrible way to die. What’s worse? To die slowly and surely, but still having to go through all sorts of horrible treatment (thinking radiation and chemo), or to die almost right away, but have all sorts of organs liquified and stuff? (thinking Ebola virus and West Nile disease)

That’s another thing! The West Nile disease is almost here, umm … well, the news didn’t quite put it that way … but they said, “If crows and other birds in L.A. start pulling themselves along the ground by their wings, it means the West Nile disease is here.” Or something similar to that. T-T

But then again … when was the last time I was bit by a mosquito? I don’t know … what’s the difference between a mosquito bite and a flea bite? *scratches a flea bite* I can’t tell. Adam told me to move near him, last night. ^.^ Then we got into this, “No, you come visit me” thing … meh.