Get Real casting, very shocking

O_o I just saw a commercial for Get Real. (Watching an old Simpsons tape … y’know …) I saw the daughter, and I said, “Wait, who’s that? What? Who is she??” Then I saw the grandmother, same reaction. So off to IMDb I went … results: the daughter was played by Anne Hathaway *jaw drops* and the grandmother was played by the mom on Friends, the mother of Ross and Monica (wow, forgot her name for a bit O.o). Anne Hathaway played that daughter???? I no longer doubt Anne Hathaway’s acting abitility, if I did at all.

9:53 Umm, (almost) random clicking on IMDb produced this: Mischa was on Young and the Restless. *giggles* And Lindsey Haun was on Malcolm in the Middle!! Why did I think it wasn’t her??? “Children of the Dark.” I just realized, I saw that! Err, part of it anyway. Weird movie. ^.^

“Village of the Damned” ahaha! *falls over* That is just incredibly funny. “You’re thinking, ‘How did they know what I was thinking?'” “Now you’re thinking, ‘I hope that’s cherry pie in my pants!'” Hehehe … I didn’t watch that far in the movie though … :(