Little Golden Books

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Little Golden Books

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If you’re a baby boomer, you probably remember Little Golden Books from your childhood. In fact, if you’ve had children of your own, you’ve probably read some of them to your kids.

The Little Golden Books first appeared in 1942, and were sold in dime stores, drug stores and food markets. Many writers and artists who first appeared in LGB titles later gained fame for their work: Richard Scarry, Garth Williams, Margaret Wise Brown (writer of the famous GOODNIGHT, MOON), and others. (One of my favorites, who’s almost unknown today, is Tibor Gergely.)

There are a number of people who collect Little Golden Books. You can learn more about LGBs from the Collecting Little Golden Books site, maintained by Steve Santi, author of a book about collecting the series.

—Sue Whitehouse

:D I remember those! I remember thinking how odd the binding was. ^.^; I didn’t realize that they had such significance … *shrugs* I think we got rid of all our books, in the past year, maybe …