paaaaaiin! why me?

Owies … things hurt. And umm, yeah, like I said before … greymatter is all set up now. I just have to make a layout … not sure what picture I’m going to use. ^_^

But uhh … things hurt. First it was my right second toe (what’s each toe called?) which I tried bending, but it was in that weird painful cracking mode, and I almost cracked it. >.< So umm, I was urging that to stop hurting, then my right ear is all funky. It feels like there a big fluffy thing blocking sounds. And it was ringing a little while ago …. Then my heart hurt. It … constricted, or something, I dunno. It felt like someone put a clamp around it, anyway. So I stopped breathing, to make that pain go away, then that weird area behind my breastbone starts hurting again, and now I’m practically not breathing, trying to not hurt myself. T-T

Earlier at Barnes & Noble (I realized I’d never been there, and if I had been there before, it sure changed, including structure and stuff. O.<), when I was going up the stairs, I was fine, taking them two at a time (me impatient ^.^), but then when I reached the top, my breathing was shallow, although I could breath all right, and my heart was going insane. ;_; I thought I was going to … emm … nothing serious. Just, I’d never had that reaction to climbing stairs. Running around like crazy, yes, but stairs, no. And I dun wanna see a doctor. ;_;

And why do I keep writing in this thing? This is umm … four entries? today, and then umm … a couple days ago I had three entries. ^.^