Omocha Box

Mama took Hidek and me to umm, first … I forget the store’s name. o_< It’s next to The Hobby People. Hah! I remember their name! *celebrates* So, uhh, The Hobby People was boring to me, because I’m not into that kind of stuff, but the other store was fuuuun! ^-^ Although perhaps a bit too much DiGi Charat stuff … *gets pelted by DiGi Charat fans* Um, yeah.

It’s bigger than Banzai Anime. Ehehe … ^.^;; And a wider selection … I mean … it had Japanese manga, not American published. And it had some DiGi Charat headgear which looked cute, and totebags (is that what they’re called?), and well, more stuff. *wonders how many more times she’ll start sentences with “and”*

I saw my Chobits poster there! hehe. Um, other items of interest: Sakura Wars regular sized (whatever that is) poster (but it had only Sakura. not that that’s a bad thing…); Cowboy Bebop artbook that I don’t have, and I don’t mean the Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door one, for $26, money I don’t have T-T ; and limited Cowboy Bebop CD-Boxes, for $120 each. *sniffle* I want that …

Ooh, I figured the thing about Banzai Anime! It’s supposed to rent anime, not exactly sell products! ^_^ *is happy she figured that out*