Greymatter rebuild

>_< Oh my good goshness … remind me to never use the back button while using Greymatter. I went back to some page and ended up rebuilding everything. I thought, ‘Wait, don’t do that!’ and went back a few more pages … which pretty much means I interrupted gm while rebuilding … *koff* Am I being paranoid again? Is there nothing to worry about? I dunno.

But I finished editing all the templates! All the ones I cared about, anyway. ^_^

O_O I just realized I left my laptop on. It’s been on since … umm … 10:00?!?! >_< I’m ruining it, mah goodness! ¬_¬

7 thoughts on “Greymatter rebuild

  1. Jeidai

    :D Yeah, I didn’t want to have to change the entries page every time I got a new layout, so this is sticking forever! ever … ever … ever … hehe

  2. Noelle

    Ahhh, I see. ;)

    Btw, I don’t know if you read my diary yet, but are you going to continue using Diaryland? SM00 wanted to know about that.

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