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Oh yes, the dreaded watching of “A Ring of Endless Light.” -_- It was a lot worse than I expected. Okay, I could tell from the commercials it was going to be mainly about the dolphins, and not much else, but still, they added a mermaid!! There wasn’t a mermaid in the book, right? Right??? And one scene, the dream, when she ends up kissing Adam (hah!) underwater, I cracked up! Ahaha, so ridiculous

The big killer was they took out the parents. WTH??? Taking out two of the key character’s in Vicki’s life?? How is she to grow? And they made Susie a brain!! Augh! Oh yes, they took out John. That’s another thing! Without John, they made Adam ride up and introduce himself, which ever so totally ruins most of his character and all of his background!

The guy who played Zachary, he could have been good. If he were like 5 years older, and much much paler. :b Everyone else was awful. Including the Grandfather. :/ He didn’t seem as … otherworldly. ^_^;; Don’t know how else to put it. He was a bit more earthy and stable. -_-

Ooh, ooh, they got rid of Leo and the hospital scenes! Uh, I could understand getting rid of Leo, the way they were making it go, he would have turned the movie into a teen “stuck between boyfriends” kind of thing. >_< Soooo … uhh … what’s a really intelligent word for stupid? ^_^;;

And of course they had to get rid of Robin. But the ending of the book made the whole thing! Er, for me, anyway. :D I liked the style of the writing, although I didn’t understand it the first time. *rolleyes* Umm, yeah, I don’t feel like ranting anymore.

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  1. Jeidai

    ^_^;; I don’t think the story could have taken Mav. And he couldn’t have taken that role. Ahaha … *remembers what heppened in Arm of the Starfish*

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