Queen Mary ghost tour

Today we (family, UB, AJ, Br and his fiance) went to Long Beach, the Queen Mary. :D:D But the ghost tour was soOoOo extremely stupid and corny. Not that it wasn’t scary, though, ’cause everyone who believes in ghosts know there are entities there, but still, it was more loud than it was umm, amateur ghost-hunter good. ^_^;;

Nooo, I didn’t expect to see a ghost … ^.^ ’cause there were too many people in each group, y’know? Ehehe … Actually, the pool part (the very beginning) scared me. O_O I didn’t want to see anythiiiing!!!! The lights made it funny and not so scary, though. :b Our first tour guide is right. She won’t stay there longer than 2 minutes, ’cause the place gives her the creeps. *grins*

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