Yosemite news; music triple time in SW

Yayay! Homicies solved! *celebrates* Well, y’know, there’s no longer a threat at Yosemite … I don’t enjoy the thought that someone is going to have to go through all that … even if he did kill two people too young to die. *shrugs*

My music prof mentioned Star Wars today. Muahaha. He was talking about playing three notes in place of two. Umm, yeah, dunno how else to explain that. :/

3 thoughts on “Yosemite news; music triple time in SW

  1. Noelle

    students: “Ba ba ba bababa ba ba ba”
    teacher: “Doesn’t this sound like Star Wars?”

    teacher: “…and then Luke Skywalker dives down, then the triple (?) turns into a duple…”


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