Crazy in Alabama; Kikujiro

Before I got my new glasses, I was watching TV because Hidek was on the compi. I ended up watching Crazy in Alabama and some Japanese movie.

The Japanese movie, of which I missed a fairly huge amount, was about this kid going to find his mother, and the guy who’s taking him. I assume he’s just a total stranger, since the kid, Masao, learns his name at the end. Masao was called kid, boy, brat, throughout the movie, so, pardon me for impolite references. ^,^ He called the dude (forgot his name. Kakijuru, something, I don’t know) Mister. Ojii-san.

What I saw, the kid is about 7–10 years old (not good at guessing age…), polite, quiet, but I don’t know if it was the situation or not. Mister is a big mouth. It’s 50-50 chance of working, too. Worked: angel bell, that bear for 3,000 yen, getting in the hotel. Not: being beat up (or, “falling down stairs”), getting a truck ride, paying the hotel bill.

There’s also this part of the movie where they spend time by some small body of water with “Mr. Nice Guy,” “Fatso,” and “Baldy.” ^u^ It’s a very funny movie. Don’t know what it’s called or anything, since the cable guide isn’t working. Grrrr.

That’s why I watched Crazy in Alabama; the guide wasn’t working and I didn’t know what the movie was. It’s not that I don’t like the movie or am set against it for some reason, but I tried watching it twice before and ended up changing the channel, because it didn’t catch my interest. This time it did. And I saw Lucas Black. *squeals* The normal teen in me is showing again … But for him I don’t mind. :b I wish I could see some of his other movies … but I’m not exactly motivated to go to Blockbuster … *sigh* Owell, he’s still cute. ^u^

;_; I have only one rice candy left. All because of my father taking one from me. He couldn’t take one from one of his sons, noooo, he had to take one from his one and only daughter, who just so happened to be near when he felt like snacking. :b But still … rice candy! *weep weep*