weird PSP layers thing

>_< Something’s really messed up with PSP 6. I make a new layer, and try to name it “eyelid shades.” (If that sounds weird, don’t ask …) But! When I try to type in “L” (actually, lowercase, but I put uppercase for more legibility) the layers tool window goes away! I push “L” again and it comes back, so I try to type “L” again (I know, I’m very stubborn, and don’t learn easily because of it) and the layers window goes away again!

I skip over that letter, and type in “ids sh” but when I hit “H” the histogram window pops up! I type “H” again and it goes away. ¬_¬ I know, I know, “Well just skip typing ‘H’ too!” I can’t! I’m just that way! Everything needs to be just so! Or else I get really irritated. And confuzzled, if there’s lots of other stuff on my mind. :/ I don’t like the idea of having a layer called “eyeids sades.” ^_^;;;;

Arrrrgh!!! I have no idea what’s going on!! *looks around suspiciously* This never happened before. Is it something I did? Because I have other layers with the letters L and H!!! >>_<< What in high hell is going on around here?!

*sniffle* This means I can’t continue with my project! ;_; Well, I could, but it’d look really silly and funnay. ^_^;; I exaggerate. It’d only look really silly and funny to me.

*gasp* OOOOOOH!! It works now!!! ^_^. I don’t know why it wasn’t working before, though. ¬_¬