Animal Crossing (teh addiction)

M88 went to Target today and got Animal Crossing. :D:D Yaaaay! I only got to play for like 10 minutes, though, ’cause we were taking turns, and I got tired of waiting for my turn again. So yeah. I’ll have to play next weekend. And not go on the compi. o.o Something new, wow. hahaha.

We named the town Quervétt. :b We kept going from thing to thing to thing, and I finally suggest putting “Qwerty.” M88 wanted a U instead of a W, and N told us to take away the y and add vette. *rolleyes* Owell. N pronounces it corvette, M88 and I pronounce it kwirvette. *grins*

And I put my name as Jedi, then said it was cool (and yes I knew it meant I said I was a boy >D).