Baroque and High Renaissance, studying

u.u; Yes, I kind of researched the essay question, and I finished the rest of the study guide. But I’m certain I won’t get an A this time, because it’s like all the other times. I feel like I know the stuff, so I don’t study, and when I get to the test, it turns out I didn’t know enough of the stuff, or know it too deeply. *sighs*

And I’m not quite sure about the stuff I know for the essay question. Here’s what I got. High Renaissance: humanism, idealism, classical influences; Baroque: emotionalism, subject moved beyond edges of painting (composition), movement, rich and deep colors; both: naturalistic. Eeee, not nearly enough. And I think I’m wrong on some points. >.<

Then for the Michelangelo/Bernini thing … both realistic; oh, I’m comparing their David’s; not much emotion in Michelangelo’s; determinedness in Bernini’s face, movement, goes beyond composition. I need moooore. Now I’m working on the

“compare and contrast the Baroque realism and naturalism of Caravaggio’s paintings with one of the High Renaissance Old Master’s paintings — Raphael, Leonardo, Michelangelo, or Titian. Describe the differences between the approach Caravaggio took to rendering his compositions and human figures and the approach the High Renaissance artist(s) took. Give specific examples!”

I assume the specific examples means paintings … yeah … I suck at English and studying and everything … I mean I stink, stink. Trying to not say suck. ^_^;;;

Umm … I’m still not sure which painting I’m going to use … eek eek eek, I’m dying! Dyyyying I say! *koffkoff* Melodrama in Baroque art. ^^ Hehe. For the life of me, I can’t remember what Leonardo did. Other than the silly Madonna. Oh, and the loverly Virgin and St. Anne with the Christ Child and the Young John the Baptist. eeee … Okay, I’ll use Raphael’s School of Athens. Idealistic. Oop — … dengit. -.- I’ve forgotten a lot of stuff about High Renaissance style and shtuff. *sighs* Long night ahead …