Melfi, come home!

kitty ears
those kitty ears
like everything else
kitty tail
long, lean tail
never to be seen again?
kitty prance
happy cute prance
to the food
to the bird
to the enemy cat
pranced away
into the night
kitty ears
not in my eyes
just in my mind
goodbye, kitty ears

Ahaha, isn’t that an awful poem? ^^; I hope hope pray that isn’t true. I wanna see Melfi! Waaahhhhh!!! ;_; I remember yesterday, the last time I saw her outside (I saw her inside, she was sitting by the door) she was by the window, looking around, and all I could really see were her kitty ears. ^_^ Kitty ears! *sniffle* I miss Melfi. Even though she was mean to me on Sunday. Ehehe

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