more Animal Crossing

Wheeee, I owe 95,000 bells in Animal Crossing. :D My peach orchard is coming along nicely … had to cut a tree down to redo a whole row to fit in another tree (no I’m not insane).

And I got a table! Ahaha. Didn’t have a table until now. Cabana table. Still waiting for a modern cupboard thingie, and an exotic screen, and some other sort of big table. Don’t know what else I want.

In the other game, I have a lot more, and I’ve paid off a lot more of my debt, but … I somehow feel I’m not doing so well. I guess because I don’t have an orchard yet. I’ve gotta work on that this weekend, I guess. o_o

I’m beginning to have a lot to do … well since there’s the test Friday, I don’t think we have homework … or maybe we do … uh and I guess we’ll get English homework … I’ll do it Tuesday. XP Won’t play around that much then. I’ll just uhh … *shrugs*