articles: mothering alzheimers, Harry the jock

^_^ This is interesting [old article link]. Become a mother to battle Alzheimer’s! Heehee. I think I’ll sign up. ^^; Ah, I can hear so many feminists rising up against that study … *sigh*

AHAHA! This [article, “Harry Potter: Fraud”] cracks me up soooo much! XDDD

“The one thing Harry excels at is the sport of Quidditch, and his pampered-jock status allows him to slide in his studies, as long as he brings the school glory on the playing field. But as Charles Barkley long ago noted, being a good athlete doesn’t make you a role model.”

*falls to the floor laughing* Omigosh! Harry does get by on his reputation and his jock skillz. Ahhh!! Jock!! lol :b