convos; W88 cavities; cliff jumping

W88: “How many cavities did you have at one time?”
SM00: “Thirty?”
W88: “I don’t even have thirty teeth!”
Jeidai: *laughing* “‘I don’t have thirty teeth!'” *cackles*
W88: “You don’t have any teeth?”
Jeidai: “No! I said thirty teeth!” *still laughing*

^^; *points up* funny of the day. Oh! *scurries off*

me: if everyone jumped off a cliff, what would you think?
Aino Denrei: ouch?
me: *laughs*
me: wouldn’t you wonder if something was going on, though? *still laughing*
Aino Denrei: maybe
Aino Denrei: still, I’d think ouch

*grins* Isn’t he cuuuute! XD Okay I’ll quit.