whee, Flimsy Silence!, whee, break!

Um. I said I’d “go to bed soon” about half an hour ago. But I just wanna say something quick.

Wheeeeee!! :D:D:D I gots mai new domain! ^___^ I’ve fixed up the blog, IAT (I’ve still gotta check through and tweak a few things, though), links, the domain info page, Little Blue Book (formerly Bathe in the Moonlight …), and uhh I think that’s it. Oh, parts of Elsewhere. Not much. My uploading speed was so slow I just quit. (23 hours isn’t funny at all, even if it was an estimation.)

And wheeee, free for the next two weeks and few days! :D w00t! Someone remind me to talk about what happened this past week, I feel like recording it. Someone remind me to also make new layouts. Um. For my diary, links page, IAT, not sure what else …