I’m just kicking it

I keep not wanting to write in my blog because firstly I keep thinking about the MM class looking here … ^.^;; Then I keep thinking about those people who say … well, like at maddox.xmission.com *rolleyes* I do not write here about the sandwich I had for lunch! Unless it was a really good sandwich that came from a new restaurant. XP

Whatever. I don’t care. I mean. I care. I feel inhibited. This is my site, I wanna talk about what I wanna talk about. Me. There’s nothing else. I don’t have much in my life other than random thoughts and fooood. :9 *cracks up* Okay okay nevermind.

I thought that page on blogs was funny. Because it can be true. But come on, what else is supposed to be in personal blogs? If you doesn’t want to read it, don’t read it. Not everyone can have interesting lives to go along with their bloated egos. And the people with the interesting lives are usually too busy to update blogs. Hahahaha.