war? no war?

I wonder. Why do people oppose Bush and his call for war? Not that I in ANY WAY support war as a way to resolve problems with other countries. Just ones with idiot powerful rulers who want to take over the world and won’t listen to many countries trying to get them to stop.

Um. *koff* Kind of straying away from what I want to say here. Okay. I suppose that I’m too close to WWII. Or it’s too close to me. I’m not sure which it is. Anyway.

My dad says Suddam has killed more Muslims than anyone else in the world, past or present. (What religion is Suddam? Suddamism? Suddamity? Suddamish? ^_^;; *is so totally ignorant*) We also didn’t know how horrible Hitler was until after the war was over. Okay okay okay I realize I am totally out of it and this argument is probably being discussed elsewhere (including messageboards) and that there are probably hundreds of rebuttals (don’t laugh at me if I misspelled that … *thinking Simpsons*). So no one flame me or shove anything down my throat. This is personal rambling.

I guess I’m like Mommy. 50/50. If war happens, I see the reason for it. If war doesn’t happen, I’d see reasons for that happening too. (Although if we didn’t have war because of something other than Congress or Bush or any governmentshtuffpeople retracting everything, then I would be very very red [boiling red!] and blue [bluer than the deepest ocean]. Why? Because I don’t want to be hit with a nukular warhead. ;_; [No I’m not being selfish. I’m thinking Hiroshima. I’m thinking Bachan and all those other people who SHOULD NOT have to go through it again.])

I should think of the other side now. I can’t. o_o Well obviously I don’t want war because the draft will be called up again, and that would be the stupidest thing ever (no not really stupid … but ebil and cruel and not right at all). A lot of people will die. (Yet I think of the people dying right now for no reason. Wait. The reason is that no one’s stopping Suddam. I also think of all the people fighting for the US who’ve died so far. I think not one of them was killed in combat. Am I right? They’re all dying in car crashes or some such accident.) I’m horrible at this. What other reason? O.O Other countries would go to war with us … and it would start WWIII, no duh. Although that does have to happen, I think. I don’t know why.

Before I thought that no way would God let a third world war happen. But then again, who’s to say he “lets” anything happen here? We’re not His puppets. We have free will. Everyone chooses their own destiny (and HAHAHA that is more true than the phrase suggests, i.e. writing out our life charts before we’re born). Well anyway. So God doesn’t make things happen to us. We let things happen to ourselves. We cause things to happen to ourselves. So maybe that’s why I think God would “let” a third world war happen now.

(And where’d I get the free will and God not letting things happen from? Xenocide. XPP Well. Not exactly. It had something about asking God to stop something. I thought, ‘How would God stop it? Humans are doing it. Of their own free will.’ And that reminded me of the stuff about free will in A Ring of Endless Light. Or was it another of those books? Not sure. But anyway. When I first read the free will thing [and the last time too, in fact] I thought, ‘BS. Interesting thought and everything. But it’s not just that.’ Um. I’m not quite sure what I thought. ^_^;; It was a while ago. I should reread it. I wonder what part it’s in. ._.)

Okay I forget what I was talking about. o.o;; Owell. It’s all gone. Well not really. I’m still pretty 50/50 while leaning toward we need to shut up Suddam. Yup yup.

7 thoughts on “war? no war?

  1. Noelle

    Interesting. Although, AM1 had said that God controls everything. Everything happens because he wants it to happen (He can somehow turn a bad incident into something good). So heh heh, yeah. :P I also heard that He does let us choose certain things, so now I’m confused. O_o But, I think once a person accepts Jesus, then their destiny is His hands. :)

  2. Jeidai

    Yeah. God watches over everything from Heaven and stuff, all of what you said, but I don’t know that God can influence one person’s thoughts, is what I was trying to say, I guess. ^_^;;; (Hey, it was late. ^.^;;)

  3. Noelle

    I dunno. He hardened the heart of Phaorah (during the Plague of Boils Exodus 9:12) I think he also can change the minds of non-believers (when we pray for some people to become Christians) I think I find it kind of odd if God couldn’t influence our thoughts. (Job 42:2 "I know that you can do all things;
    no plan of yours can be thwarted.") He just doesn’t do it all the time, because He doesn’t want to rule us with an iron fist. ^_^

  4. Jeidai

    Oh. Yeah. :) I guess that was what I meant … just understood it the wrong way. ^_^;; And I didn’t know about those scripture quotes.

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