rubies! *grins wide*

Rubies!! :D:D:D *wants a deep-red ruby right now*

“Just as diamonds have become the gem of romance, ruby has been the gem of passion and the heart’s desire since the dawn of time. Because of its lovely red color, ruby has been associated with the heart, the blood and the centers of passion throughout its history.”

“Rubies were considered the wedding stone through the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, as they were supposed to keep passion alive and promote lasting love and contentment in marriage.”

Hehe. ^_^

11 thoughts on “rubies! *grins wide*

  1. SM00

    Ahhh. I don’t like romance. Too much kissing. I’m going to punch every boy on Valentine’s day. One time I taped up a boy’s Valentine. He got mad at me. I kicked him. He’s st00pid. So’m I.

  2. Noelle

    :P Bwaha.

    Our aunt says that she looks older the last time she had seen her (which was about…a year ago), but she doesn’t act any older. :P

  3. Noelle

    BTW, for some reason, the ruby in that picture reminds me of candy. XD I don’t know why, but now, I have a craving for something sweet and sugary.

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