nooo, all Cardigans songs are coool

T-T I was looking at the forum, and a topic is there about people’s least favorite Cardigans song. Noooo, they’re allll wonderful!! ;_;

  • Sunday Circus Song
  • Travelling With Charley
  • Gorden’s Gardenparty
  • Burning Down the House (with Tom Jones)
  • Great Divide
  • Blah, Blah, Blah
    (but this one has such a great message!)
  • the Life album O_o
  • After All…
  • Tomorrow
  • Closing Time
  • Beautiful One
  • Pikebubbles
  • Hey Get Out of My Way
  • Last Song
  • For What It’s Worth
  • Country Hell
  • Our Space
  • Gran Turismo
    (I understand this one … or at least I know the reasoning behind it … can’t say I can relate :b)
  • Deuce (X-Files)
  • Seems Hard
  • Celia Inside
  • Junk of the Hearts
  • Happy Meal
  • Marvel Hill
  • Mr.Crowley
    (This one I kind of understand … but NO! They’re all great! XP;;)
  • Higher “its too whiney” O.o ;_;
  • Step on Me
  • “quite a few” on First Band on the Moon
  • “all the depressing ones.”
    (but they do those so well!! T-T)
  • Losers
  • Your New Cuckoo
  • Desafinado
  • Nil
    (;.; I adore Nil! So … I don’t know, full of some emotion)

aaaaand …
“NONE” —Muzztein XDD I second that!

*sighs* I guess there’s no accounting for taste … :b Nah, it’s okay … *sniffle* Just makes me sad, is all … Now I wanna hear Sunday Circus Song and Deuce. *nods*