my gaming

I played Tetris today. :) I got something like 538 lines. 80,964 (something like that) more lines to go! ^__^

Then I played Animal Crossing. I was going to sneak and play W88’s Master Quest, but I couldn’t find it. -.-

Well I earned 130,000 bells. There’re 400,000 something bells in my account. And my house stinks. There’s all this “wasted space” everywhere. Except in the basement. ^_^;; But I can’t figure out how to fit everything together.

And oh, I changed my topic to sushi because I didn’t know how much info there was on origami, and besides, I didn’t want to ruin something so fun by doing a report on it. :( And sushi can’t be ruined, it’s food. :b But I should come up with another topic also. I can’t think anymore! Bonsai? o.o Rock gardens? ^^;; *looking out the window at the plants*

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