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Yup yup. Aren’t I fun? Wow. I was going to complain about the English thing, but then Adam’s situation just shut me right up. His school is trying to kill him. *nodnod* No one’s trying to kill me. Just trying to get me to do something that I’m not good at. <_<

I know it’s only 8–10 pages. But I can barely even come up with 5 pages on any one topic, and it’s really disjointed and whatnot. Um. I talked to Mommy about it. She mentioned some ideas for topics. Except I was driving and paying attention to driving so now I can’t remember what she said. ._. Well right off the bat she mentioned anime. But then I have no idea what I’d say about that.

Oh. It’s an argumentative paper. What point could I argue about for 8 pages? Probably a lot. >_> I just don’t care enough.

The prof used the word “passionate” when talking about what topics we should choose. I am NOT passionate about anything. -.- That’s plagued me for the past … 2 or 3 years. Well okay, two. When did Gundam Wing come out? March 2001? ^^;;

Hm. Websites. What point could I argue about there? O_O I know a lot of rants made by webmasters … ^.^; But then again there’s no research behind it, or at least not four sources anyway.

Um. Then I asked Mum if it was true that people are dependent on sugar because schools have soda machines on campus, and she said I should make that my topic, and I said nooo, I don’t care about it, I was just wondering. Oh yeah. She also mentioned animal rights activists. O_o That’s interesting … but no. And I still don’t have a topic. *sniffle*

He said … woah. I just freaked myself out there. I got April and May mixed up. :x Okay, the rough draft is due MAY 6th. Yeah. O_< But um. Oh yeah. Have to read those two essays for next class. Remember to do that tomorrow. Now then. tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Hm. *points up* Cattre’s fat. And she likes stepping on my keyboard tonight, for some reason. x.x;;; Plus my hands are sticky. I don’t know if it was the table (after all, I’m sitting at M88’s spot) or if it was petting Cattre. Cats aren’t that dirty, though. Nonetheless, my hands are sticky, the keyboard is sticky, the touch pad is sticky, and my face is sticky (wiping cats hairs off my face).

3 thoughts on “another English paper subject

  1. Noelle

    Gahh, I know what you mean. All the things I’m passionate about aren’t really arguable. I like anime, manga, Star Wars, drawing, CGing, HTMLing in general, but how can you argue about that? They’re just interests.

    And the things I can argue about (that I like), I wouldn’t be able to find any print mediums on. T___T

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