IE and NS complaints

IE ish crueeeel. -.- I clicked on some javascript popup window link at some site, and it froze, so I CTRL+ALT+DEL it, and open a new window and go to the same site, click on another (regular) link and it freezes again. Grrrs. Open a new window, go to a different site (I was looking for dark red or “black” roses), click ONE link and it freezes. >_<!!

Well after that I lost count. But it mainly consisted of me opening new windows, clicking links, and CTRL+ALT+DELs. Yup. I just wish Netscape were smoother to use. Hard to explain what I mean. Well, for example, ya gotta click the address bar twice to select a certain part of the url, I guess. Also, my mouse touchpad’s scrolling thing doesn’t work with Netscape 7. -_- Umm, what else? I dunno, it just seems to work more slowly … Yucks.

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