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On Yahoo! right now: “Dane Acquitted in Goldfish Blender Case” O_O!!!

Mon May 19, 2:12 PM ET

COPENHAGEN, Denmark—A Danish art museum director was acquitted of animal cruelty charges Monday after a court ruled that a display featuring goldfish inside working blenders was not cruel.

The display at the Trapholt Art Museum in Kolding featured 10 blenders and invited visitors to blend the fish if they wanted to. Somebody did in early 2000—and two goldfish were ground up. [X.X]

Animals right activists complained that the exhibit was cruel. Museum director Peter Meyer was fined $315 by police, but he refused to pay and went on trial in Kolding, 125 miles west of the capital, Copenhagen.

Judge Preben Bagger ruled Monday that Meyer did not have to pay the fine because the fish were killed “instantly” and “humanely.” [o_O]

During the two-day trial, a zoologist and a representative of blender manufacturer Moulinex said the fish likely died within a second after the blender started.

It was not known who turned the blenders on.

(Emphasis in article mine.)

Yuuck. Do fish go to Heaven? Is there going to be a movie All Fish Go to Heaven? Is that going to be the sequel for Little Nemo? Is it going to be rated G and geared towards kids? See your buddy die and go to Heaven! *ahem* Anyway. I’m being weird. Not out of the ordinary, but still … should keep quiet about. *shifts eyes around room* Keep people from pointing and staring.

We got rid of that book of weird true things. Dangit. I wanted to show Adam that Lizzie Borden story. Owell. I think we also got rid of Grump and Pout. XP I wonder if there was ever a book Mommy and/or Daddy bought specifically because they thought of me when they saw the title. There was Grump and Pout for N, and The Day Henry Cleaned His Room (something like that) for Hidek. Hah. They were funny and mean at the same time. ^.^;;; Hidek got a kick out of it. N was grumpy about his. >b

Anyway. One thing that happened this weekend. Probably one of like two or three things. I was finishing Sybil and I realized it was missing 20–30 pages of the last few chapters. Grrrrrrrrs. Cruel much. I read and read for … how many days? Wednesday, or Thursday, to Sunday, then I can’t read the ENDING. Um. I can pretty much tell what the ending is anyway. >_> But still. It’s all so … unresolved. Which reminds me. How do I return something to Amazon? How do I turn into a pissy unreasonable customer?

Um. Well I started kind of to continue reading Time Enough for Love but then last night I stayed up for about an hour (past 1) reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. <.<;;; *coughs*

Hmmm … “Customers who shopped for Asian Americans also shopped for: Strangers from a Different Shore by Ronald Takaki, Asian American Dreams by Helen Zia, Becoming Asian American by Nazli Kibria, A Different Mirror by Ronald T. Takaki, Yellow by Frank H. Wu, and … ‘Fallen’ – Evanescence”

O.o Iiinteresting … I don’t have any money though, anyway.

Yesterday on the way to the mall I noticed how dreary colored and muted colored all the cars are. One lime green Bug drove past while Daddy and I waited at the light. *sigh* Next car I get is gonna be bright red. >D But that probably won’t be for another 9 or 10 years …