come crush me now

Today … I did a lot of chores and sliced and coded and stuff this layout. Yeah. Different style. Like? I do. For now. ^^;; I don’t know about in a few days …

Oh yeah. Daughter Darling. *thumbs up* Can’t wait. :D Also Michelle Branch has a new album coming out. And I’m getting interested in Rooney. And I adore Yo La Tengo’s “Little Eyes” and have decided to buy as many of their albums as I can.

13 thoughts on “come crush me now

  1. Noelle

    :DD I like the layout. ^_^ Especially the little header things at the top of the sidebar, the main text area and tagboard. :]

  2. Jeidai

    Yaaay! I likies that too! ^_^

    Adam, I really really really don’t want to know. Although it’s not as bad as Lizzie McGuire or Frankie Muniz … underage.

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