sex vs violence

I was thinking lately. Time Enough for Love has got me brainwashed or some such thing. <.< But I suppose that’s part of why it was written. :b (Still have to read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.)

Lately I’ve been wondering, what’s worse, sex or violence? Sex is natural. Violence isn’t.

For example, Daddy was watching this movie earlier tonight. ^^;;; I have no idea what was going on, but it involved a gas station, a guy and a girl, and at least one other guy. The girl was being attacked and one shot showed a guy with a knife in his stomach. It wasn’t all that gory or anything. Just, you know, handle, redness, some metal. But I still said out loud, “Ew, that’s not natural!” ^.^;;

I dunno … I guess someone could argue that violence is natural, animals get eaten, those animals get eaten by man, man kills one another for … whatever reason … umm … What is violence, anyway?

1 : marked by extreme force or sudden intense activity
2 a : notably furious or vehement b : EXTREME, INTENSE
3 : caused by force : not natural

*laughs* “violent” from Okay. Anyway. Got that straightened out in my mind. Another point I could bring up is that there’s sex in Heaven, but not bashing on heads or stabbing of chests or anything.

“… her sweet lechery was utterly innocent, whereas mine was scarred by the culture I grew up in-a culture psychotic throughout and especially on this subject.”

Okay, that quotation probably isn’t applied correctly. :/ But stuff like that made me think.

June 6, 2:56 a.m. addendum: I forgot to add that what I’m mainly thinking about is exposure at a young age. ^^;;

Other things I thought of:
Violent tendencies may be somehow easier to control than sex. Or maybe not. I don’t know. Didn’t think about it much. Although castration would be very effective. hah.
Little kids know very well how to hit/slap/kick/pull hair/whatever at such a young age. ^^;;; And as far as I know … they don’t know much about sex appeal (or hopefully, veeeeery hopefully, they don’t).