The Ring

I saw The Ring. :D Not as scary as I thought … or maybe it’s because I inadvertently found out some of the stuff that was going to happen. ^^;;; But anyway. I thought What Lies Beneath was scarier. They didn’t use scary make-up, either. Well, not as much as in The Ring, anyway. They did a tiny bit.

Actually, I missed one part because I couldn’t stand it and covered my eyes. ^.^ Also, I saw the girl who played Samara when she was on that MTV awards thing. Hm. I saw it last year because of Natalie Portman, and I saw it this year because of tATu. Both times, the reason I watched didn’t come on the screen until the last 25 minutes of the show. -.-;; Anyway. Yeah. She was on that awards show, and she was adorable and couldn’t talk for a while. So that may have made it a bit less scary too …

After it was over Daddy said, “Well, should we get the Japanese version?” Me: “Yeah!” Mommy: “Oh, is there a Japanese version? I don’t think I could watch Japanese horror films. They’re too creepy.”

One time, in 7th or 8th grade, I showed my friend one story from Kwaidan, the “Black Hair” one, it was like 4 in the afternoon, and at the end she freaked out and ran upstairs. O.o I don’t think it’s that creepy … I don’t know, maybe I should watch it again. :D Then again, she tended to exaggerate things to get attention, so I don’t know if she truly was afraid, or if she was just acting it up. But Kwaidan is still creepy, regardless. Watch it! ^__^ “Vastly different from the more overt shocks of Western horror, the film casts a supernatural spell that remains timelessly effective.” (from

11 thoughts on “The Ring

  1. Adam

    I have been told Ringu is not scary, just very susepenseful. The video isn’t as screwed up (no horse things or cords) and people don’t get this rotted look.

  2. Jeidai

    WOW, she has got a great resume. I wish I had that much experience. XP;

    But that’s the point. Japanese horror films aren’t shocking. They’re subtle and truly horrifying and creep into you in the middle of the night. Maybe it’s because they’ve got so many real life hauntings over there.

    When I first saw Hoichi (the Earless) it was in the afternoon, everything was perfectly normal and sunny, my mom and brothers were in the room with me, and at the end my mom laughed and asked us what we thought, and it wasn’t a tense setting or anything, yet I still went around the house creeped out. And stuck around mai mommee and brothers a bit more than usual. :b

  3. Noelle

    ^_^ I’ve had that happen before. But I was usually reading some kind of horror fanfic/original story (at night too :P).

    I looked up Hoichi on IMDb, and saw the plot summary for that, and the other stories in the movie. The story, Black Hair, sounds a lot like this story my fourth grade teacher read to the class, taking place in ancient Japan. I forgot the title though. Hehe. :P

  4. Jeidai

    I like Black Hair. But I think I like Yuki no Onna the most. :D It’s just eerie … And Hoichi painted all over is freaky too.

  5. Noelle

    Interesting. :) Black Hair didn’t scare me much, I think, because I was in a well-lighted room with about thirty other kids. If I were at my computer, at home, late up at night, with all the lights out, THAT might have been a different story. :P

  6. Adam

    I don’t see how Suspense=horror. Alien is EXTREMELY suspenseful but there isn’t anything scary, just a gross out scene and a couple jumps.

  7. Jeidai

    Well, I suppose according to a DICTIONARY :b they’re not the same thing. But they still leave you unsettled afterwards, you know?

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