hair, cosplay idea, and b2

I braided my hair last night while it was wet to make it wavy/curly/whatever, but the waves brushed out and now it’s practically flat. ;-; My hair is mean. When I try to brush it straight it goes poufy. When I try to make it curl, it goes flat. ^^; I should really use more traditional methods … but I don’t like heat on my hair, and I’m too lazy to use conditioner. ^.^;

Well, I figured if I did my hair this way and actually figured a way to make it more curly, then put it up in pigtails (like Miwako! ^__^), and got one of Miwako’s outfits together, I could cosplay her. XD ‘Cept I wouldn’t dye my hair whatever color hers is. (I can’t remember all of a sudden O.o) Then I thought maybe I could get an outfit that Yukari wore, and put my hair up that way (because she did it before). But I don’t have the extremely good looks or the loong legs. Pooh. :b But I am NOT dying my hair!

Then again, it’s not like I’d have a chance to cosplay. >_> *sigh* Oh well.

Oh yeah. I think I’m gonna try b2. Acause someone said GM is a bandwidth hog (maybe just when you rebuild everything?) and quite a few servers don’t allow GM to be run on them, and that it’s old software anyway. Um. Something like that. And besides. I keep feeling like changing my archives/entries/etc. pages, but I don’t want to rebuild everything. x_x I also feel like making a pop-up comments page or something. ^^; I dunno why. I don’t like pop-ups at all. Odd, no?

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  1. Jeidai

    “Tantrum in t-minus five … four … three … two … one, remembering dead cat for real tears and—”

    Haha! Let’s stick pigtails on Adam! XDDDD

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