simply for my own pleasure

Umm … whenever I go to b2’s page I get tired … so that’s why I haven’t switched or anything. ^^;; *will get to it someday*

I wanted to say … today I had a really weird dream. ^^;; When I told Mommy, she said, “Oh, you better e-mail [Noelle] and warn her!” ^.^;;;

Okay, so what happened was AM1 and Noelle were out in some … non-owned area … surveying something, and I was with W88 and SM00 a bit of a ways off, and AM1 and Noelle were just about done and stepped on the train track, and suddenly this train came rushing out of nowhere and hit them. I ran over (kinda slowly ^^;) to see … I don’t know what, and them Mama was there with me with tons of other people, and AM1 walks up to us from the other side of the track; she’d somehow got shoved off the track at the last second and rolled down a ways. So we went looking for Noelle and couldn’t find her anywhere, and then AM1 found in the water under the track, her skull with a piece of metal in it, except the skull looked really tiny (like a doll’s head) and kinda fake.

So yeah, that’s really disturbing. O.o

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