Mitsuwa, Ringu 2; tv, Ewan McGregor, RRK

Mommy and I got treats at Mitsuwa. We got nori and boro and rice candy. w00t! Except … they cheated me. ¬_¬ It saaaays “free children’s STICKER inside” and they give me a temp tattoo. Boo.

Mommy and I saw “Ringu 2” at Mitsuwa. Actually, I think that store is called Book Market or something. (It says “Recycle!” on their bag, haha.) Anyway. We were looking at the back and then Mommy put it back and as she was putting it back I noticed this tiny picture in the corner and I picked it up again and showed it to Momma and said, “That’s creepy.” It was just a picture of hair hanging off something with a white sheet covering the head and body. ^.^;; But it still gave me chills. >.> Yeah. I wanna see the Japanese version. Muuust haaave! Also the Animatrix. Hehehe. We watched the second one in multimedia. It was cool.

After dinner today I flipped through my favorites and Ewan McGregor was on the International Film Channel. I think he did an independent film recently? I’m not sure. It looked interesting, the little clip I saw … He said he doesn’t limit himself to just Hollywood films, he bases it on whether he can get excited about the script, and I thought … ‘He liked the Phantom Menace script?’ Well, maybe it looked good while it was on paper or something …

Oh yeah. I saw the last ten minutes or so of Rurouni Kenshin today. I saw what’s-his-name, the guy Jedi Mako is talking about, the “12-year-old assassin.” :b Yeah, no kidding. x.x I don’t like his voice. I also don’t like Misao’s voice. Wai wai! I saw Misao today! Coool! :D (‘Cause Kaoru was such a disappointment :b) And people kept calling Kenshin a bum. Haha. Oh yeah. What’s-his-name. The guy who’s being called “Leader.” (I say, “Take me to your Lee-dur! :B” whenever I hear it. ^^;;) He had those two blades out of one sheath. Hehehe. nifty. Yeah.