only the end

I bought three CDs today: Rooney, Jason Mraz, Bowling for Soup (with Girl All the Bad Boys Want ^_^).

Hehehe … I went to Bowling For Soup’s website before. I’d heard one of their songs. I don’t think it was Girl All the Bad Boys Want. I think it was before I heard that. I thought they seemed cool (in a, you know, dorky way, or something …), but I didn’t think of buying their CD then. I forget why. Oh well. I got their latest album now. :B

And the Jason Mraz one is nice, but I’m not that into it. I thought that was how I’d feel about it … but I bought it anyway. (Methinks someone is music-starved. x_x)

And Rooney. Wooo! :D People say they have an 80s-style sound, but I don’t think so. I mean, unless all the 80s songs I’ve heard so far are just the most popular most played ones, and there’re other songs that Rooney sounds like … I think they sound reminiscent of 60s tunes or something. Hidek said they sound too 50s. I said, “50s?! Have you even heard 50s music?!” I dunno … ^^;; Maybe I’m all wrong too … *shrugs*