Gran Turismo

I listened to Gran Turismo (I forgot I had the whole album on Portibale) and I got that feeling from that Christmas. I guess it was two years ago. I can never remember the gifts from Christmas. Isn’t that horrible?

Well, last year Jedi Mako got me that Audrey Hepburn layout. So prettyful and elegant … hehe. I forget the year before. ._.

I forget when I got my Lisa Loeb CD. I know it was the time we had Christmas at my cousin’s house. I guess I got it the same time I got Gran Turismo.

Anyway. That Christmas was the first time we went to the Del Amo mall. I got N to play Gran Turismo as we were almost there, and Daddy said, “Boy, this sure is great Christmas music!” o_o;; *coughs*