I’m dying again

Cool. I saw the Going Under music video today. :) Weird video. Well, not weird, but it sure made me dizzy watching it. o_o;; The scenes kept changing so quickly. I like Amy Lee’s outfit, though. XD And she sang underwater. o.o I wonder how they did that. Because, well, she was underwater.

I also saw that live performance (on German tv) of Going Under. O_O Wow. Amy Lee’s voice is … so great. On the CD, you can’t hear her real voice, really, with the digital changes, or however it’s done. But live, it blows me away. I wanna sound like her! ;.;

Ooh, and I saw Michelle Branch’s video for Are You Happy Now? Very … colorful. :b It’s not a very interesting video … eye candy, but not much else. Other than the song, of course. Uber good song!

Well. Despite spending almost four hours on Mommy and Daddy’s compi watching music videos and playing Spider Solitaire, I don’t really want to be on the computer. ^_^;; I got to page 250 in Harry Potter last night. I stopped reading around 1:20 or so. Then I couldn’t fall asleep x_x so I sat in my chair until I fell asleep, then at 5 I got up and went to bed. Woke up … I forget when. 1 or 2, I guess …

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  1. SM00

    Forgot. When Harry is going to the Ministry of Magic. And the Ministry of Magic chapter. On the fith book. Are you on the fifth book??

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