I’ll walk with the other one

Last night I stayed up to 1:20 reading Harry Potter again. XP Page 330. Not bad, I guess. Not good, either, though. Oh well. Someone said there’s too much teen angst in this book. I kinda agree. ^.^;; Harry keeps pouting and all of a sudden he’s got a temper. o.O I mean, a good portion of the time it’s understandable, but then he keeps jumping on his friends’ backs, and it’s just annoying.

I fell asleep some time after 3. And I woke up around 11:30 on my own. Hehehe. ^^;; Go me! Goby!! *holds up fish* >.> Animal Crossing … I haven’t played that game in a long while … *fears what her town looks like* You know, I listened to Bleed American while playing AC so much that whenever I listen to it now I remember Animal Crossing. Haha!

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