new music considerations

M88 told me that for the Scientist music video, the singer had to learn how to sing it backwards. o.o I wonder how long that took …

And I want a Radiohead and Red Hot Chili Peppers album. ^^;; Well, I liked Creep (Radiohead) when I saw the music video. And There, There is nice. Once I stop staring at the video and start paying attention to the music. :b And I like Californication and Other Side (Red Hot Chili Peppers). So I’m thinking about it.

I also like NOFX’s lyrics on their latest album. ^.^ “American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters)” :b “I see no world peace ’cause of zealous armed forces / I eat no breath-mints ’cause they’re from de-hoofed horses / Now I can’t believe; what an absolute failure / The president’s laughing ’cause we voted for Nader / I want to move north and be a Canadian / Or hang down low with the nice Australians / I don’t want to be another ‘I-don’t-care-ican’ / What are we gonna do Franco, Franco Un-American” “The Separation Of Church And Skate” (“When did punk rock become so safe” I have no idea what punk rock is, and I didn’t even know NOFX is punk rock. ^^;; I just know Kurt Cobain got into punk rock at first, and I didn’t like the music that program played.)

I dunno. Just makes me laugh.

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