night before shenanigans

SM00 and Noelle and W88 are here to sleep over until Knott’s Berry Farm on Monday. WOOHOO!! I’ve missed my yearly helping of Knott’s. ^^;; I wanna get a huge Snoopy shirt there. I kinda tore my kitty shirt I use for pjs. >.> Ooh, and we’re gonna go on Perilous Plunge, and Bigfoot Rapids, and ooh ooh, Ghostrider and Log Ride and Gran Slam and and and … ^^ Yay!!!

Oh yeah. Yoinked SM00’s Christina Aguilera album and got Beautiful and Fighter. w00t! *really likes Fighter* Also got these other two songs I really like. Make Over and I’m OK. :D And Walk Away is all right. I would say the order from most to least (but not dis) liked is Fighter, Make Over, I’m Ok, Beautiful, and Walk Away. ^__^