Knott’s trip

^^;; Okay, try to make this a quickie.

Yesterday (Monday) went to Knott’s!! :D:D Yaaay! *can’t remember the date of the last visit* Woke up at 9:20. Went to bed around … 4 … maybe. >.>;; Auntie and Uncle got here at 10:20. Forgot the time we got at Knott’s. Rode in Jedi Mako’s van. ^_^

Got there, went on Ghostrider (said it was a 2 hour wait; we waited an hour or so). O_O Daaang. I forgot that it’s “the longest and wildest wooden coaster.” x.x It was fun … but I got a headache. ;.; Don’t think I’d go on again … but I dunno. Maybe I’m forgetting most of why I didn’t like it. ^^;; It was … violent. >b

After that … Big Foot Rapids was closed for the day. Ate lunch (hot dog), walked through Ghost Town shops, the museum, then Mystery Lodge (Auntie wanted to see it), walked up to the bumper cars, the boys went on, the girls and Auntie and Mommy went to Cordy’s corner. Got Snoopy ring (the one that fell off; just realized today it has no “feet,” the white parts of his feet are missing Y-Y), Snoopy figurine, and Snoopy t-shirt. XD

In the Sanrio part of the store (err, store adjacent) where the “stage door” for Snoopy is, we sat at the bench, and Mommy heard this boy ask the cashier what was with the door because it looked like we were all waiting for Snoopy. XP Mommy said we were “Snoopy groupies.” XDD

After that stared up at Perilous Plunge. O_O … Decided to try it out after all. Was nervous all during the wait in line. The pattern went: watch them go down, feel like it isn’t all that bad, feel worse. :b But it reeeally wasn’t that bad! I had my eyes closed when we went down, though. >.> Next time (yes there’s a next time! :D) I’ll keep them open. But I don’t know how much that’ll help, because I couldn’t wear my glasses on the ride. >P I got DRENCHED! Jedi Mako’s and my hair were all drippy for a little while. ^^’ Daddy even wrung his shirt out on the bridge. XD

N got 2.5 laps around the “Knott’s 500.” Went on Sky Cabin (oooh … Mommy: “Isn’t Orange County so boring? No Mar Vista hills …”). Walked past Boomerang, Xcelerator (Noelle and SM00 wanted to go on, and W88, but not that time), Supreme Scream (SM00 wants to go on ^^;), La Revolucion (I think maybe next time I’ll try it. seriously), and through Camp Snoopy, past Snoopy’s Gr8 Sk8 (which looked really painful x_x *watches their heads get snapped back and forth*). Rode on Jaguar, which seemed reeally tame after Ghostrider. x.X; ^.^;; But still fuun. :D

Then went to Mrs. Knott’s restaurant. We tried to figure out what the stamp was supposed to say. Mommy said it was supposed to say Knott’s. Everyone kept reading “iso …” I read “Fishead.” XP Upside down I read “choosi.” o.O; *ahem* Waited a loong while for food. Was 6:40 or so at the time. Saw Dick Van Dyke and Elizabeth’s signatures in the guest registry. :) Goood food. All ten of us sat at one table. w00t! ^_^ Had chicken ‘n dumplings with creamy chicken noodle soup and salad with honey mustard dressing. :9 Went back to park. Everyone forgot to read the stamp when they checked us at the re-entrance. ^^;; I read “Knott’s isahoot.” :b

Umm … I forget what we did after that. Went on the train, I guess. Then made fast tracks back to Camp Snoopy to look at the gift shop. There’s a jumbo Snoopy for $75. o.o At Cordy’s Corner I was sure they were marked $29.95 … *shrugs* Oh well. Either way, I’m getting one some time in my lifetime. >D

There were these two mini books, one on friendships and one on love. The friends one had Snoopy hugging Woodstock and saying “Oh friend of friends” (something like that) and the love one had Sally saying “Sweet Babboo” on the cover. ^_^ There was also a regular-sized book, “Peanuts on Love” (I think?) Read that a lot a lot and loved it. ^__^ Left the park, ’cause it was closing. :( Got home.

Oh yeah! George! Haha. While we were on Ghostrider, Hidek and Daddy went walking around Ghost Town and Daddy won one of those monkeys hanging off a plastic bar at a hoops game. It took him three tries. Hehe. Hung it up on the lamp/light chain in Mommy and Daddy’s room. Cattre liked it. Wulfie was interested. Mommy said this morning she came in the room and the light was on, so “There was some monkey business going on, ohoho.” XP

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  1. Amanda

    (smacks SM00) That isn’t nice. You can at least say “We already went. Maybe you can ocme with us next yer” Or something like that. And say your sorry.

  2. lor

    Sorry. “We already went. Maybe you can ocme with us next yer”

    Is that good? No, I don’t want Adam around me!!! Adam, you can come when Jeidai graduates high school.

  3. lor

    NOOOOOOO!!!!! But still, get away, ADAM!!! I was born to make your life sooooooo boring!!!! Hahah!! Thats why. What about Amanda?????? Were you born to annoy her?

  4. lor

    Also ‘cuz you said you wanted to go to Knotts!! Thats what you said. Still, your not going!! Even if you want to or not. Okay???? Sheesh. Adam’s soo oannoyign these days. Whats up with him?

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