she doesn’t have the answer yet

O_O *is speechless*

…. How is Netscape doing that?!?! O.O! I can’t see anything wrong with the coding … and I don’t think Netscape is that weird … It shows the scrollbars for each entry, but no text in the entry. o_o Sometimes it shows the first entry. But when I scroll right and back it disappears. o.o And the tagboard isn’t showing up either. But the “sidebar” is showing up. How weird. :( I think I’ll just switch it to a regular-ish layout.

But anyway. New layout. :b I had it saved in a folder for a longo time. About a month, I guess. ‘Tis Lisa Loeb! :D Yesterday and the day before I listened to her Tails and Firecracker albums. ^__^ But not her Cake & Pie album. :P

10 thoughts on “she doesn’t have the answer yet

  1. Noelle

    Yup, nice layout! The tagboard’s there all right. Before, the entire page/the tagboard would reload without warning (only happens on this site O_o;;) on Netscape. It just reloaded when I came, so I think it’s there. It’s just not showing up. <=(

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