I wait in the shadows

Last night, I found this program on the International Channel (I waaant! but it’s part of an extra package with Comcast T-T). It was showing music videos. I think they were all Korean but I couldn’t really tell. ^^;; Yeah. Asian rappers! O_O It was scaary …

OOH! And I saw the last half minute of a BoA video!! XD (I’d changed the channel and forgot to switch back. >.>) She looks a lot older. o_O She looked like a regular 16-year-old, not an Asian 16-year-old. :b

Then there was this boygroup video … the music so seriously sounded like an Nsync song. But since I don’t listen to their songs I don’t know which one exactly. ^_~ And I don’t know if it was the same video, or another boygroup-esque video, but one of the guys looked kinda like Hoshino. XD Hoshino! T-T Poor Hoshino … *sniffles*

Then there was another video which started out interestingly enough, like a modern artistic thing or something, but then it ended up being a normal boring video with backup dancers. -.- The beginning had the singer (Park Ji Yoon) at a sewing machine, and there was this black beetle (I forget the specific species) walking around … and I’m still not quite sure what happened to the beetle. :( But that certainly would be one way to get black lipstick. :B And there was this teddy bear banging on the window … which she ended up tearing apart. Huge teddy bear. O.O Like … it took more than two men to carry it kind of big … yeah.

So. Now I’ve got Park Ji Yoon piccies to use for a new layout. :D I’m getting tired of the … I don’t know. Something about this layout. Besides, I still want a normal blog layout with a designated sidebar. I don’t really know why.

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